“We’ll judge you most on whether you care enough to change things,” observes Seth Godin in a recent post about how social media has allowed us as a society to move away from the top-down regime approach to how popular culture is shaped.

We no longer wait for others to tell us what’s cool or what’s better. We can form our own opinions, thank you. It starts with being curious about things we don’t know, and then freely sharing that process of discovery.

Being an entrepreneur isn’t necessarily all about physically creating a startup. It has more to do with the process of cultivating an idea which resonates so strongly that we are compelled to share it.

It will be contrary to the incumbent gatekeepers of current thinking. The challenge for those of us with new ideas is to disregard the frustration that we are blowing against the wind – because as Seth points out, “The things we share and don’t share determine what happens next…It takes guts to say, ‘I read this and you should too.’ The guts to care enough about our culture (and your friends) to move it forward and to stand for something.”

At Changelane we believe that as long as you strive to think and care to share, you are an entrepreneur.

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