It probably doesn’t matter if you agree that Pinterest is just for women. The resounding belief out there is that the image-based online scrapbook really is only a woman’s thing.

What’s wrong with that?

Apparently, half the world is not enough. Recent articles have highlighted Pinterest’s efforts to interest male users to equalize the gender imbalance.


The obvious answer is revenue. Currently valued at $5 billion because of its potential as an advertising platform, the only way Pinterest can increase its value is to increase its user base. Because apparently, appealing to only 3.42 billion women planet-wide and 156 million women in the United States just isn’t enough. The annual $7 trillion in the U.S. and global $20 trillion of female consumer spending power isn’t enough.

Someone – either investors or Pinterest – is pressuring for more.

Which begs the question: should a company be built for its potential, or for its customers?

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