Street Fight Magazine posted a profile on Changelane recently.

It’s always interesting to see how outside observers see what we’re doing and incorporate into their worldview so they can communicate it externally. In this case, Donna Airoldi (@donnamairoldi) did an amazing job of channeling right in on our vision and objectives.

As our storyteller, a huge part of my daily activities revolves around finding ways to take the concept of Changelane and shake it violently to see what disassociated pieces come falling out. Those pieces either need to be faceted further and reinserted – or discarded.

That’s what you do to a story. It’s what you do at a startup, too. You put the idea puzzle together and you take it apart. Over and over again. You make it bulletproof. You watch how others consume what you offer.

And, you listen very carefully.

Because the path to success requires people who don’t know you to understand you. When a perfect stranger can walk up to you and tell you exactly who you are and what you do, you’ve finally got the story right.

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