The StickMonkey learns something new about martinis

Way back in December of 2009, I wrote a post where I cast aspersions upon drinks masquerading as martinis. At the time, it seemed like everybody wanted to add something sweet to vodka, throw it in a shaker, pour it in a martini glass and give it some kind of...

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The StickMonkey flings poop at Whole Foods Market

No, not because of the grocery chain's acquisition by Amazon. I see some interesting opportunities available to both companies. What bugs me is the email message I received from Whole Foods Market about this news. "Dear Valued Shopper," it begins. Hey, Whole...

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The StickMonkey tackles gratitude

It's everywhere. Everyone from Oprah to the Huffington Post has jumped aboard the gratitude bus. But what is it, really? Gratitude is a nebulous word. The dictionary tells us that gratitude is a noun. It's the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation...

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The StickMonkey hands a banana to Grace Slick

I have admired Grace Slick since I was about eight years old. My father was a fan of Jefferson Airplane, the name of the band in which Grace was the lead singer. He enjoyed Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit," written and performed by Grace. If there is such a volume...

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The StickMonkey has a grocery store adventure

I'm standing in the self-checkout line at the grocery store. In front of me is a woman about my age. She has two teenagers with her. I'd say they were 16 or 17. Both are guys. They are holding hands. It's not an obvious display of affection.   There's a woman behind...

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