The StickMonkey talks about this thing called life

Is it too short? I see that statement a lot. It doesn't work very well for me with "too" stuck in the middle. I know it's the writer and lover of language in me, but my question to people who make this observation is: Too short for what? When you supply the answer,...

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The StickMonkey asks what it is about some monsters

Some monsters never lose their ability to scare the sh–t out of us, no matter how many times we encounter them. Why is that? They represent something dangerous or harmful that doesn't or shouldn't fade with repeated exposure. These monsters wear the masks of our...

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The StickMonkey hands a banana to Videoblocks

Marketing and advertising has it tough. Its job is to tell us a story that will resonate with us. Our brains will respond, and we'll process the story as if it's happening to us. The story has to make it through our preconception and judgement filters. We have to...

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The StickMonkey has a waking dream

Up early. Things to do. A cup of coffee or two has the brain cells moving. But at the periphery of my vision is the smoky ring of transition, where the reality of my day reverts to the dreams of last night. A few more minutes of concentration will disperse the haze....

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