It’s never been easier to express your displeasure. 

Alas, that’s the default mode for the majority of us. Complaining takes far less time and energy. 

I fell into the default mode yesterday after reading about the decision by the president of the United States to reinstate the military ban on transgender people. I took to social media—in this case, Facebook—to express my displeasure. It was a prerequisite ADHD/TLDNR blip my Help Me Say It clients hire me to make for them. 

It was vicious, but without slander. For the most part, I was just re-quoting a vile and unfortunate statement made by the president, anyway. 

I felt better. My posts got a lot of likes. 

This morning, Seth Godin published an ADHD/TLDNR blip post to his blog that helped me regain my perspective. It’s so short you can read it in less than a minute. Please do read it. → Here is the link. ←

We think we are making a difference—or at least contributing to a difference being made—when we use social media to express our displeasure about the events of our times. We are not. The targets of our displeasure prefer that we stay in our default mode. It’s much easier to deflect words than actions.

Words are powerful, and we must choose them wisely. But they will never be as powerful as actions. It’s why I agree with Seth Godin, and why I hope you will join me in following his suggestion. 

“What happens if we walk away and make something magical instead?”

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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