But only because it would be silly to fling poop at her…considering that this has to do with poop, anyway.

Dog poop.

First, her boyfriend, Ken, got a makeover that includes a man-bun. Now, her dog gets – maybe we should just call it a reality upgrade – with the additional new functionality of “poop-ability.”

Barbie’s new dog is yellow, suggesting a labrador retriever – but you’ll have to come up with your own explanation for the painted eyebrows. Mattel opted not to go with giving the dog a name like Spot or Rover. This dog’s official name is “Walk & Potty Pup.” Quite a mouthful for a plastic pet owner who doesn’t even have movable lips.

The Mattel website says that  Barbie’s new dog “really walks and goes potty for a true bonding experience.”

The online ads for Walk & Potty Pup warn that the little plastic poop pieces may be a choking hazard. Thankfully, Mattel had the common sense to include plastic broom and poop scooper accessories. It all seems practical, until you pay a visit to the website and make your way through the carousel of images. The sixth image shows a little girl using the scooper accessory to dump the dog’s plastic poop into the also-included dog food bowl.

Most plastic is recyclable.

So sayeth the StickMonkey

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