bondvesperThey come my way. Random bits of information that somehow end up leading to James Bond. For example, learning not too long ago that James had something in common with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Today I read an interesting and amusing article on the NPR website about what your liver would be like if you really did drink all those Vesper martinis as portrayed in the movies and books about James Bond.

Nottingham University Hospital in England embarked on a yearlong study to determine how many drinks James Bond had on a daily basis.

Their conclusion?

On average, the handsome and deadly spy consumed about six to seven drinks a day – or 45 drinks each week.

What’s more, a martini is usually far more than a single “drink” in terms of the amount of alcohol it contains (especially if you have one of my Vespers). So the authors of this study broke the consumption down to alcohol units – which makes a martini count as three.

The NPR article contains additional content about the medical consequences of consuming that much alcohol on a regular basis. Alas, even for Mr. Bond, it’s bad news for his liver and his brain. But I do appreciate how the article quotes psychiatrist Peter Martin, who directs the Vanderbilt Addiction Center, to put Mr. Bond’s drinking habits into perspective.

“You have to remember, this was the ’50s. People drank more and smoked more.” And Bond was hardly alone. “Think about how much a person like Winston Churchill drank,” Martin says. “He drank a lot! But yet he ran the effort of the western nations in the world war. So this is not unprecedented.”

It’s Friday, so perhaps tonight I will mix up a Vesper and raise my glass to the spy who apparently has pickled his liver.

So sayeth the StickMonkey

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