I keep reading how people suddenly have far less money to spend, or they’ve needed to cut way back on extravagances.


Did we all get a cut in pay?

Did everything we need to run our lives become more expensive?

Are there a whole bunch of new things we need to put our money towards?

Did this happen to us, or are we making it happen?

It frustrates me to see how often a news story says that people are “being forced to” do this or not do that because of the economy.

Yeah, okay. Some people are in that predicament. They’ve lost their jobs.

But if you haven’t lost your job, and you don’t have a whacked-out mortgage, and for the time being life is pretty much the same for you as it was before we started into this economic free fall – are you being “forced” to change your spending habits?

Don’t worry. I’m not oblivious. I get what’s going on. It’s reactionary. Even I think twice about buying something lately.

The point I’m trying to get across is that I think we need to acknowledge our own role in exacerbating what’s going on here.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.
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