I have glaucoma. But, hey! Better living through modern chemistry. For the past couple of years I’ve used these prescription eye drops. One drop in each eye. The ocular pressure in my eyes has dropped so dramatically that if I didn’t tell you I had glaucoma and was using this medication, you wouldn’t know.

Should you happen to be an ophthalmologist.

There are side effects.

Of course there are. There are always side effects. I read about them but decided I could live with them. In fact, I remember thinking that some people might actually WANT to experience these side effects.

Using this particular medication would cause my eyelashes to thicken and become longer. And it also would darken the color of my eyes.

Presently, and on a regular basis, I have to trim the lashes on the outer edges of my eyes because they’re so thick and long that they get tangled up in each other.

Yeah, I know. Women actually have to apply lots of mascara or false eyelashes to have that problem.

So it was with a lot of amusement that I watched last night a television commercial for Latisse.

I use a formulation of it to preserve my eyesight.

And now, women everywhere, with a prescription from their personal physician, will be using it for eyelash hypotrichosis – another name for having inadequate or not enough eyelashes.

Mascara, you’re outta here!

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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