According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, teens are returning to the malls – which can mean only one thing: the economy is recovering!

The story notes that teens are spending between six to eight percent more in general compared with a year ago. Even the legendary teen Mecca Abercombe & Fitch pulled out of a 20-month sales dive last month. 

Economic experts have been saying it. The president and his best girlfriend Nancy P. have been saying it.

Somehow I just didn’t buy it from any of them.

However, when I read that an eighth grade girl from California says, “Last year I didn’t shop as much. But now, the urge has come.” – well, this just seems to be irrefutable evidence. I’m convinced these adults-in-progress know something.

After all, one of their favorite places to buy clothes advertises by not showing the clothes. This proves to me that teens are far more prescient about our fragile economic health than the guys in charge.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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