Catsup. Ketchup. No matter how you spell it, Heinz has found itself in a bit of of a pickle (yes, they make that product, too) over a bottle of their brand of this tomato-based condiment.

Daniel Korell, who lives in Germany, scanned the QR code on his Heinz bottle, expecting to enter a contest to create his very own ketchup label. Instead, he got an eyeful of porn.

The contest had been held between 2012 and 2014. At its conclusion, Heinz allowed their ownership of the domain expire. A German porn company promptly stepped in and purchased it.

You can guess the rest. Customer goes on social media and informs the world. Heinz uses social media to offer customer a free bottle of ketchup with his personal label on it. Sensing opportunity for additional exposure, porn site also reaches out to customer via social media and offers him a free year’s subscription to their website.

Yes, all rather predictable. No, I’m not flinging poop at Heinz. They already have enough to clean up. I will, however, cast a slight aspersion on Daniel Korell’s motive for exposing the naughty QR code by using social media. If he was concerned that children might be exposed to porn, perhaps he should have contacted Heinz directly.

And, no, I will not include a link to the porn site. Go check your ketchup bottle and find it yourself.

Because apparently, even if the contest started over three years ago, you still might have a bottle of ketchup from that time. Daniel Korell in Germany did. Which makes me wonder: How long does the average customer keep a bottle of ketchup? Do they even bother to look at an expiration date, or is it consumed long before that might be a concern? I would not be qualified to make a guess. I’m not a fan of ketchup. Or catsup. I prefer mustard.

So sayeth the StickMonkey

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