We’ve all had those days. Nothing in the refrigerator is making us salivate. A tour of the pantry turns up nothing interesting, either.

But you’re hungry. You’ve got to munch on something.

For me, it turned out to be a glass of red wine. And some pretzels. I was thinking it probably would make most nutritionists jump up and down in frustration. It just didn’t seem like such a wise choice.

I’m glad I listened to my tastebuds, though.

It turns out that two 5-ounce glasses of red wine and a bowl full of pretzels is only 400 calories. Whoa!

I only had one glass of red wine…but I did eat a generous amount of pretzels. It’s the wine that has the higher calorie count.








I thought I was being lazy and glutinous. And it turns out I was making a somewhat wise choice. Okay, maybe not as a dinner. It should have been a snack. I really wasn’t all that hungry, though. So a snack was perfect for dinner.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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