Off I went to the Hong Kong Market to do some shopping for upcoming week. Ong choi! Fresh tofu! Green mango and green papaya! Bitter melon! Some char siu from the butcher. Mung beansprouts and pho broth. Fresh ginger. And of course, some bubble tea on the way out.

But wait, what’s this?

Masshuruumu? I think I need to get that. Some kind of mushrooms, obviously – what what kind?

All the back label can tell me is, “This product is characterized for mushrooms from nature as main ingredient and prepared under scientific process. It is the best choice for daily meal, banquet and the vegetarian.” And then over in the corner is an interesting call-out: “The Most Famous Recipe In Japan”

In that case, it’s got to be good. Oishi!

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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