kindleunlimitedToday I received an email from Amazon inviting me to purchase “Kindle Unlimited.” I was initially excited and ready to sign up for the service. Just $9.99 a month for unlimited access.

It’s relatively reasonable, considering I usually pay at least that much for just a single Kindle version book to read on my iPad Mini. I saw that word, “Unlimited,” and I got excited.

Alas, it’s semantics.

In this case, you do get unlimited access; however, it is unlimited access to a limited group of books. But, Kawika, it’s not really all that limited – it’s access to 700,000 book titles! 

Well, maybe so, but if I pull up my current list of books I want to read, not a single one of them is on Amazon’s “Kindle Unlimited” program. Not a single book.

Gadzooks, Kawika: is your taste that esoteric?

I would argue the answer is no. I suspect that what I want to read sells well, so it’s not in the best interests of the author, the publisher or Amazon to throw it into this “unlimited” literary smorgasbord.

It would seem that Amazon’s definition of all-you-can-read would likely give me digital indigestion.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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