Well, not a lot of it…but you have to wonder how they think people are going to fall for something like this.

It seems that Taco Bell is taking a page out of Subway’s weight-loss-spokesperson playbook in 2010, with an advertising campaign featuring a “real-life” Taco Bell fan promoting its “Drive-Thru Diet Menu.”

The advertising campaign features Christine Dougherty, who says she lost 54 pounds over two years by reducing her daily calories by 500 (to 1,250) — in part by switching from more caloric popular Taco Bell mainstream meals to its “Fresco” items.

Fresco offerings include seven items with calories ranging between 150 and 340 and fat grams ranging between four and eight. These items use ingredients such as salsa and lean chicken or steak in place of cheese, sour cream and fattier meats within burritos and tacos.
Dougherty’s story and before-and-after photos (including a bikini shot) are already featured in a dedicated area on Taco Bell’s Web site.

Taco Bell also has signed dietician Ruth Carey, nutritionist for the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, to offer “sound nutrition advice for people looking to make better choices” at the fast food restaurant. An infomercial will feature tips from Carey, in addition to Dougherty’s detailed recounting of her weight-loss story.

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