According to the Associated press, the government says airlines collected $7.8 billion in revenue from so-called ancillary fees last year, up a staggering 42 percent from 2008.

The biggest chunk of these fees come from checked baggage. The first baggage fees were implemented in 2008 when oil prices soared to a record high $147 per barrel.

Delta, the world’s largest airline, collected the most revenue from fees last year among U.S. airlines at $1.65 billion. American is in second place, followed by US Airways.

United and Continental, which on Monday announced plans to combine, were sixth and seventh, respectively.

Besides checked bags, airline fees include reservation changes, pets and mileage sales.

What are they doing with all this money?

Wait, I know.

They’re saving it all up to pay the fines for stranding passengers inside their aircraft for three or more hours.


So sayeth the StickMonkey

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