Hello, we’re sorry but we won’t help you if you’ve got a problem with one of our products that’s out of warranty. We won’t fix it – even for a fee. We won’t recommend anyone who may specialize in fixing our products. And even though it’s common knowledge that most of our products have a part that fails which is inexpensive and could easily be replaced by the user if if was available – we won’t sell it to you.

You’re screwed. Too bad, so sad.

What really makes me want to fling some extra poop at them is that I purchased this product because it was offered in an Apple store. I figured that if Apple thought highly enough of them to sell their products, it was quality and I could expect quality service.

Bzzzzzt. Wrong.

Go take a shower, LaCie. You’ve got poop all over you.

So Sayeth the StickMonkey.

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