… Al Ries, without a doubt my most favorite and, in my opinion, the sharpest person in the entire marketing and advertising universe.

I’ve been a fan of his writing and a beneficiary of his wisdom since the early ’80s, and I always look forward to the articles he produces for Advertising Age.

Today’s was just superb!

If you wonder why Coca-Cola is the amazing global success it is today, read this article and see what three things you or your company need to replicate that success.  You can also read why companies who try to shake their nicknames, or do the opposite and actually adopt their nicknames, need to seriously reconsider whether they have the right leadership in place for their marketing.

And you can also find out some interesting stuff about how the length of a certain part of a presidential candidate has historically predicted whether he would win the election.

In an age when hoards of self-proclaimed marketing gurus blathering on about things like your ‘personal brand’ and professing to know how to make social networking websites take the place of, um, what’s it called?  Oh, yeah.  ADVERTISING — I would like to thank Al Ries for pointing out so simply and yet so eloquently, that there are “immutable laws” at work in the battle for a customer’s share of mind…that can’t be ignored.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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