I spent some time in this country as a child, and I’ve always been enchanted by all things Japan – especially their mores and customs. Some of those customs are framed in hundreds upon hundreds of years of history, such as “ochobo” – the social requirement for women to have a small and modest mouth.


Have you ever wondered why Japanese women will instinctively cover their mouths when they start to laugh?

So, just how are they supposed to enjoy a huge, juicy hamburger?

Freshness Burger came up with a solution. Check this out.

What puts a huge smile on my face – which I don’t have to hide because Americans (and StickMonkeys) are never concerned about “ochobo” – is that this is such a simple but amazing example of how a company can deepen its relationship and increase sales from customers…by asking, “How can we help people better use our product or service?”

Would  the “Liberation Wrapper” do well here in the United States? I choose not to make that prediction, instead reminding anyone eating in public that there is no civilized culture on our planet which considers it to be appropriate to chew with your mouth open. Here, have a napkin.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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