I’ve bought a few things on eBay, but I’ve never sold anything – that is until yesterday. I had an old first-generation iPad that I no longer needed. I also have a first-generation iPad mini, which is still sealed in the box. I put that up for auction on eBay, too – but it didn’t sell.

ebaylogoAnd when I tried to re-list it, I found out that eBay has category limitations. I couldn’t find out what the limitation was, so I used the function that requests for eBay’s customer service department to call me. The listed wait time was 12 minutes.

I got a call in less than that time. The person who helped me was engaged and polite, empathetic, and he took the time to answer not just my category limitation question – but a few more that popped into my head while I was talking to him.

I don’t call customer service departments. It’s usually an experience that does not end well. In this case, I might have spent another couple hours trying myself to uncover what those category limitations were. It would have been futile because the eBay customer service representative who helped me told me that this information wasn’t customer-facing.

So I saved myself a lot of time and frustration, not to mention that I actually ended up in a better mood by talking to a real human being who was in a happy frame of mine and who easily transferred that happiness to me.

It makes me wonder if I should actually start trying to use those customer service numbers. But…what if my experience with eBay was just an anomaly?

So sayeth the StickMonkey

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