It’s reported he already has a net worth of about $800 million, but maybe Jerry Seinfeld is worried that his wife’s use of Uber to get the kids across town might start cutting into that.


So he got a gig writing eight new commercials for Acura, which will be featured in the upcoming third season of his web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

If you’re a fan of car ads from the ’50s and ’60s, you’ll get a kick out of them. I especially liked the one titled “Astro” – featuring a group of astronauts who splash down after visiting the moon and discover they’ll have to get their own ride home. Good thing this new luxury SUV has enough room for the space rocks…and a small alien one of the crew brought back, as well.

I didn’t fall out of my seat from laughing too hard…but I did appreciate watching a commercial for a car that didn’t require all of those ridiculous warnings about the driving being performed by professional racers and not attempting to try this at home.

Moon rocks and space aliens not included.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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