She was recently featured in an Ad Age article, where she talked about some of the interesting (and surprising) insights she’s learned about human behavior while researching how customers use the products her agency’s clients represent.

“We were just doing global research with field strategists in understanding the role of beer in Saturday night around the world vs. other drinks. In studying beer, we started to discover that young adults cherish their smartphones and iPhones so much that they don’t want to lose them if they have an epic night out. Now they take what they call their “drunk phone,” a cheap low-end phone, so now they are carrying two phones because they don’t want to lose their smartphone.

“What I love about this is we were studying beer and we stumbled upon an illuminating mobile insight that we wouldn’t have seen before. They might not have told us that if we just sat down to talk to them about phones.”

I don’t think Apple would make a Drunk Phone but I’ll bet that if somebody does, they’ll sell a whole bunch of them. I might even buy a few for some people I know…who definitely do need to switch to their Drunk Phone before venturing out for an evening of frivolity.

So Sayeth the StickMonkey.

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