Who’s that?

Mr. Porcini is a senior vice president and and chief design officer at PepsiCo. Read this interview he gave about how building better brands can change the world.

Much of what he says resonates with me. One point hits it home.

“…we live in a society where people are consumers of stories more than of products or services. A product is like a body, but a body without personality is just an empty shell: the brand is what marketing has invented to give a personality to that product.”

A brand has no value unless it creates relevance. The value to customers is not gross sales or marketshare. Customers couldn’t care less about that. They’re looking for validation. They want stories.

We listen to them. We try them on and see if they fit our worldview. If we find them comfortable, we take ownership of them. Because companies don’t own their brands. We do.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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