Marketing and advertising has it tough. Its job is to tell us a story that will resonate with us. Our brains will respond, and we’ll process the story as if it’s happening to us. The story has to make it through our preconception and judgement filters. We have to interpret it as realistic. It has to fit into our worldview.

We’re not buying the service or product itself, as much as the story it helps us play in our minds.

Where we live now is often not where we want to be. It’s why most advertising and marketing is aspirational. They tell us a story of what’s better. We are visual creatures. Images and video is the best way to reach us.

Stock video and photo providers are all over that. The imagery offered is perfect. So are the people. But we don’t live in a Ken and Barbie world. Most of the products and services marketed to us are made for the world we live in now.

Videoblocks sent me an email yesterday. It announced a new series they call The Authentic Collection. “The media here reflects the human experience,” the website explains. “Who we are, what we do, and the emotions we feel.”

The introductory web page shows an example.

real-vs-fake-stock-photo-21Which world do you live in? Which depiction would make it through all the preconception and judgement filters you’ve got in place?

There’s room for the real world in marketing and advertising.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.


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