This is the way to take your ascent to the next level.

Why watch a movie when you can watch the heavens? It’s a concept developed by Windspeed Technologies that adds a skylight to private or commercial passenger aircraft.

It might be a while before we can catch a view like this.

A scan of the company’s website indicates the SkyDeck must be part of the design and construction of new aircraft. It doesn’t look as if these teardrop aerodynamic domes will come to existing fleets.

I first came across this new in-flight entertainment future option in the Robb Report. When you see something there, you know it’s expensive. The article says this little upgrade to your aircraft will only set you back about $8 million to $25 million.

The commercial airline industry could jump in on this upgrade idea. They’re all about generating more money from extra fees. They made an estimated $38 billion this way last year.

Maybe they could use SkyDecks to make more money, and cut back on those extra baggage fees. Who am I kidding?

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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