… wrapping my brain around Malcom Gladwell’s “Outliers.”

I’ve been looking for the first book to read on my iPad.  And I’ve read all the rest of Gladwell’s books, so I know I’m in for a treat…and that I’ll have a few great pearls of wisdom dropped on my brain.

If you’re wondering what “Outliers is about, follow this link and find out for yourself.

It’s a strange emotion I’m feeling right now.

I love books.  I consume them.  And I’ve always had a dream of a home filled with roomfuls of bookshelves.

But when I’m finished with “Outliers” I won’t have something I can put up on a shelf.  It’s almost as if I’m concerned that I won’t have any way of proving that I read this book.

I’m thinking that instead of a paradigm shift, this is more like a paradigm speed bump.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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