… that lots of people hate their jobs.

But I wasn’t prepared for the supposed actual number.

A new survey found that only 45 percent of Americans are satisfied with their work.  Wow, less than half of us wake up in the morning and think kindly about what they do for a living.


What’s worse is that it’s the lowest record ever recorded by the Conference Board, which has been keeping track of this satisfaction level since 1987.  (Back then, 61 percent of the 5,000 households surveyed said they were happy with their jobs.)

So, why is it that so many people think their jobs suck?  The same survey uncovered that only 51 percent now find their jobs interesting — another low in the survey’s 22 years. In 1987, nearly 70 percent said they were interested in their work.

And approximately 64 percent of workers under 25 say they are unhappy in their jobs.

Gadzooks!  I’m sure the math doesn’t exactly work out this way, but if everybody who dislikes their jobs quit them, and you added that to the people currently who are unemployed…nearly three quarters of the population would complaining about employment in America.

Are you happy with your job?

What I find is that I can MAKE myself happy with my job by remembering that it’s not all about expecting my employer to provide job satisfaction.

So every once in a while I get up my desk cubicle and tell myself, “Shut up and dance!”

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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