Well, maybe it’s more of an action figure.

It’s Baby Milo!

I have been a Baby Milo fan since the first time I saw him on a T-shirt while I was shopping at the Hong Kong Food Market on Bellaire Boulevard here in Houston. That must have been about three years ago.

Thus began my quest to find my own Baby Milo T-shirt, which — thanks to Google — I discovered I was not going to obtain unless I went to New York or Asia.

Baby Milo is a character featured on clothing by A Bathing Ape — or Bape — is a Japanese clothing company founded by Nigo (real name Tomoaki Nagao) in 1993. The company specializes in urban and hip-hop fashion, operating 33 stores across Japan. The company also operates Bape Cuts hair salon, Bape Café and gallery, Bape Sounds records, a members-only store in Hong Kong, and boutiques in London, Taiwan and New York.

I finally did end up with several Baby Milo T-shirts, and for a while I was happy.

But I wanted more. More Baby Milo!

The Japanese iTunes store offers a Baby Milo Mail app. Not available in the US store. Very sad.

And then, not long ago I received an e-mail from the Bape Store in Singapore. Kaiyodo, a Japanese company famous for its anime figurines, was going to create a Baby Milo figurine. Not just any figurine. This Baby Milo would have Revoltech movement!

Which meant that Baby Milo could move all sorts of ways. Like this:

Yes, these are pictures of my very own Baby Milo figurine. I ordered him from HobbyLink Japan, which was easier than going to the Japanese language Kaiyodo web site. (Although I do want to go back there because I saw a real blast from my past: Ultraman!

I am having so much fun. I never got to play with dolls when I was a kid.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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