I am never, ever disappointed when I stop for a meal at Nippon Japanese Restaurant.

Am I a sushi snob?  Perhaps.

I don’t think that any sort of cheese or avocado should be found in sushi.  I certainly don’t want it in my sushi. 

Which is why I usually go to this wonderful restaurant in the Montrose District.

If you order uni, you don’t have to tell the sushi chef to please include the quail egg. And if you order amaebi, you don’t have to sit and wonder if the head of the shrimp will be delivered to you as soon as it has been deep fried to perfection. 

Every piece of sushi or sashimi I have ever ordered at Nippon has been oishii


I’ll stick to my avocado being in guacamole.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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