One of my most favorite blogs is written by a very talented and funny guy named David M. Syzdek. The blog is called Blogography and I have it set up as an RSS feed so I can read it every morning while I’m sipping on my coffee before I go play in traffic to get to work.

One of the reasons I totally enjoy David’s writing is that he is also an incredible illustrator and his animated persona has a simian sidekick.

Today when I read Blogography I discovered that David has created an iPhone app. Ask Dave! is sorta-kinda like a Magic Eight Ball oracle/guidance solution…only much more fun.

Well, for me it is.

But maybe that’s because my name is David. And I pretty much surround myself with all things monkey.

So fire up iTunes and go check it out! Or just click here!

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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