I don’t want to be treated equally. I want to be treated fairly.

It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t have to be invasive. People who buy things want their decisions validated. We want to see it first from the performance of the product or service.

We also want validation that the information collected about us is used to craft thoughtful suggestions to deepen the relationship.

Nothing engages me more than a personal email containing information or a relevant offer. 

I’m not alone in my preference. According to The E-Tailing Group, 41% of people surveyed indicated that actually do purchase more from retailers sending personalized emails based on past browsing and buying behavior.

Another survey shows that 58% of us are looking for a more compelling offering personal services and benefits. After all, that’s the reason we have a relationship with a brand.

We’re saying, “Hey, I’ve invested in you. Now it’s time for you invest in me.” This investment goes beyond the virtual lip service many companies push out on social media.

Who’s really knocking this out of the ballpark? Amazon.

Most people don’t pay  much attention to sales receipts because sellers just use them as a transaction record. They miss the opportunity to deepen relationships with those slips of paper.

I’ve been watching for that lately. Especially now that I’m opting to have more sales receipts emailed directly to me instead of snagging another piece of paper to get lost in my pocket or briefcase.

You’ve got all this data on me, right? Mine it for actionable insights. Point it out on the receipt you give me at the cash register if I buy one of your most popular products.

Give me reasons to purchase more of your products and services. Use the permission I’ve given you to contact me directly.

Tell me something you know about our history that I’ll find interesting.

Go ahead. Make it personal.

So sayeth the StickMonkey.

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