The StickMonkey hands a banana to Barbie

But only because it would be silly to fling poop at her...considering that this has to do with poop, anyway. Dog poop. First, her boyfriend, Ken, got a makeover that includes a man-bun. Now, her dog gets – maybe we should just call it a reality upgrade – with the...

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The StickMonkey wonders what he’s doing wrong

I get a new Instagram follower just about every day. A real one. Most days I get five or six new followers. The majority have Instagram names like Live2DreamLife or whatever. You get the picture. Their Instagram photos are a collection of the view of some exotic...

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The StickMonkey ponders human potential over morning coffee

It's Saturday morning. I take a cup of coffee to my desk and sort through email messages. There's one from a magazine publisher. I can win thousands of dollars if I answer a few questions. That's a fair reward. Most are binary questions. Yes/No. Agree/Disagree. And...

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The StickMonkey Hands a Banana to the Queen of England

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. Measure your guilty pleasures against whether they detract or complement your life. That's my take-away from learning that the Queen of England has four cocktails a day. Every day. What does this 91-year-old monarch like to drink?...

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